Stone – How to Apply for Phytosanitary Special Markets (PUC) (2021-2022)

Purpose #

This document provides instructions on:

  • How to complete Stone registration for Agricultural Production Units (PUC).

Pre-requisite #

To use this guide, the user must be registered on User Authentication Service (UAS).

  • If you are not already registered as a user, then go to the PhytClean website to do so: ( If you already have an eCert login then you will be able to get into PhytClean V2 with those details as well.
  • If you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, Go to PhytClean V1 click on “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions that follow.
  • Businesses must be registered on the Central Business Register (CBR). A business replaces the organization concept in the original PhytClean. To register a business, click on the link below which details how this can be done.
  • Guide: Register a Business on The Central Business Register (CBR)
  • Add users that should have access to the business on the Manage Business Users page on CBR.

  • The final pre-requisite is to link the FBO/s to the business. Refer to Linking FBO to Business (on PhytClean V1)

Support Contact Details  #

Hortgro   #

Contact Person: Niedaa Moerat / Suzette Poole 

Telephone Number: (021) 870 2900 

Email: or 

For any further queries, you can contact eCert on the details below.

eCert  #

Telephone Number: (031) 940 6795  or create a ticket using the ticket platform: 

Linking FBO to Business (on PhytClean V1) #

On PhytClean you will do the following:

  • Click on FBO.
  • Select Link to FBO to business (CBR).

Figure 1-Link FBO to business (CBR)

  • On the Link FBO to business page, you will see all the FBOs you are linked to. Click on Edit next to the FBO you want to stipulate the business for.
  • On the Business column, select the relevant business using the dropdown

Figure 2-Update

  • Once the business is selected, click on Update. As seen in Figure 2 above.

PhytClean V2 #

How to login onto PhytClean V2 #

  • Go to the PhytClean V1 website –
  • Click on the PhytClean V2 Link on the banner on the main page (see below)

  • You will be redirected to the PhytClean V2 login page. Enter your email and password and click on Login to enter the portal.

Stone PUC Registration #

How to edit an existing Application #

If you have registered last season and have not already created an application yet, then search for the DRAFT application that has been created for you with the previous season’s data already loaded in it. The historical records can be viewed by:

  • Clicking on the View Registrations link in the panel on the left

  • Click the filter button next to the FBO column. Enter your FBO Code or FBO Name and click Filter to search for it. Your application will load and have a reference number.

NB: If you have done a PHC registration previously for that specific FBO you will see that record as well as below. To edit the PUC record, choose the record that has a Registration Type: PUC

For a New PUC Registration #

If you are registering for the first time, follow the process below.

  • Expand the Stone (HORTGRO) link under Registrations.

Figure 3-Stone (HORTGRO)

  • Click on PUC Registration.

Figure 4-Stone PUC registration
  • Stone PUC registration will open on the information page. Click Next.

Figure 5- Stone Phytosanitary Registration

PUC Selection #
  • Use the drop-down arrow to select the FBO that needs to be registered and Click Next.
  • The FBO Name, GPS Longitude, and Latitude, District and CBR entity can be edited on this page.

Please Note: You will only see the FBOs that are linked to the business of the logged-in user.

Figure 6-PUC Selection

FBO Contact Details #
  • Click on +Add New Record to add new contact details.

Figure 7-Contact Details

  • FBO Contact Details pop-up box will appear, fill in details and click Update.

Figure 8-Add FBO Contact

  • Click Next
  • Please Note: You will have to have one contact that is the Main Contact to successfully register

Protocol/Market Selection #
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to select the Protocol/Market you want to register for.

Please Note:

  • Multiple markets can be selected.
  • Click on the X icon next to the market to remove it.
  • Note that the Stone EU market is now Stone EU/UK

Figure 9-Protocol/Market Selection

  • Click Next.

Linking to PHC #
  • Select Packhouse from the drop-down list and click next.
  • Only registered packhouses will be available for selection

Figure 10-Linking to PHC

Orchard Information #
  • Click on +Add new orchard information.

Figure 11-Orchard Information

  • Add orchard details and click Update.

Figure 12-Update

  • To Edit or Delete the application use the scroll bar as shown in Figure 13 below.

Figure 13-Scroll Bar Edit/Delete

Declarations #
  • Managers are required to agree to all declarations shown to export to the EU. This page is set up to do so by ticking the Checkbox associated with each declaration. A tick means “I AGREE”.

Figure 14-Declarations

Please Note:  Declarations are based on the market and cultivar selected.

  • Once you have Ticked the Checkboxes, Click Next
Documents Uploads #
  • To upload documents, click on Select File.
  • Select the relevant file and add.

Figure 15-Documents

  • Click Next

Please note:

  • If you do not have the relevant file(s) at this time you can select next and then upload the documents before submitting on the main dashboard. However, if you do have the file/s you can upload it at this point.
  • Certain documents are required before a submission can be made. BD records and a POP is required for all PUC registrations. These checks will be done when submitting on the main dashboard before your application will be considered valid and saved.

Submission #
  • Please read the declaration on this page properly and tick the checkbox to agree.
  • Click the Save button to save your application, otherwise click Previous and make relevant corrections.

Figure 16-Submission

  • A pop-up message with the application reference number will appear to notify you that the application has been successfully submitted as a draft. Click OK

Figure 17-Success prompt
  • You will then be redirected to the View Registrations page.

Figure 18-View Registrations

Please note:

  • This is just an application and not the final document submitted to DALRRD. It is also in draft mode so further changes can be made if necessary.
  • Note the Reference number that appears so you can easily find your application later on
  • You will not be able to proceed without clicking the declaration on the last page

View Registrations #

Description of the tools available on the View Registrations page:

Edit Registration
Upload Documents
View Registration PDF
Submit Application
Unlock Registration

View Registration Document #

View the registration document to see if it is correct. If not click on the Edit button to edit your application.

Final Steps: Upload Required Documents and Submit #

  • To upload any outstanding documents, click on the View Documents button.
  • Once all required documents are uploaded, click on the Submit Application button
  • You will then get a pop-up notifying you that it has been successfully submitted along with your new Registration Number to track this submission. Once it has been successfully submitted this can be considered received and submitted to DALRRD.

Unlock Registration #

  • If you find that after you have submitted there is still a problem, you can request an unlock
  • If you are the person who did the application, it will unlock immediately. If not, it will send an email to all the contacts of the FBO notifying them that someone wishes to edit the application. It will also show you the contact names and numbers of this FBO so you can contact them quickly.
  • Only once the FBO contact accepts the unlocking will it be unlocked.
  • You will receive an email once it is unlocked.
  • Thereafter the necessary changes can be done and then it can be submitting again on the main dashboard. This will then re-lock the application and submit it to DALRRD.

Please Note:

  • You will have to click on the Submit button to submit the application otherwise it will sit in DRAFT format. DRAFT’s will not be considered by DALRRD.