Stone Dis e-Verification

Purpose #

This document provides instructions on how to complete the Stone electronic verification (eVerification) checklist on the PhytClean platform.

Support Contact Details #

Contact Person: Support Team  

Telephone Number: +27 (0)31 940 6795 or 

Please Note:  To log a new ticket you will be required to register as a user.  

Pre-Requisites  #

To be able to complete a DIS eVerification for Stone a user must be registered on User Authentication Service (UAS). 

  • If you are not already registered as a user, then go to the PhytClean website to do so: ( If you already have an eCert login then you will be able to get into PhytClean V2 with those details as well.
  • If you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, go to PhytClean V1 click on “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions that follow. 
  • Businesses must be registered on the Central Business Register (CBR). A business replaces the organisation concept in the original PhytClean. To register a business, click on the link below which details how this can be done. 
  • Add users that should have access to the business on the Manage Business Users page on CBR. 

Navigating PhytClean   #

Logging into PhytClean V1  #

  • Go to the PhytClean V1 website – You will be directed to the login page. Enter your email and password and click on Login to enter the portal, as shown in Figure 1 below.  

Figure 1: PhytClean Login page

Linking User to FBO (on PhytClean V1)  #

Once you are logged into PhytClean V1, you will do the following:

  • Click on FBO 
  • Select Link to an organization and its FBOs, as shown in Figure 2 below 

Figure 2: Linking to an FBO

  • Add the FBO code in the empty box provided and click save, as shown in Figure 3 below 

Figure 3: FBO linking box
  • You should see a pop-up message stating “FBO has now been linked”(if linking was successful), as shown in Figure 4 below

Figure 5: Linking an FBO to a business (CBR)

Linking FBO to Business (on PhytClean V1) #

  • Select FBO again and select Link FBO to business (CBR), as shown in Figure 5 below

Figure 5: Linking an FBO to a business (CBR)

  • On the Link FBO to business page, you will see all the FBOs you are linked to. Click on Edit next to the FBO you want to stipulate the business for 
  • On the Business column, select the relevant business using the dropdown  

Figure 6: Linking a Business to an FBO 
  • Once the business is selected, click on Update. As shown in Figure 6 above 
  • Once FBO linking is done, click on the PhytClean Icon to go back to the home screen, as shown in Figure 7 below 

Figure 7: PhytClean homepage

How to login to PhytClean V2  #

  • After returning to the main screen, click on the PhytClean V2 hyperlink, as shown in Figure 8 below. You will be redirected to the PhytClean V2 platform.

Figure 8: PhytClean V2 on PhytClean V1

Stone DIS eVerification #

  • On the PhytClean V2 homepage, expand the Stone (HORTGRO) link under Registrations and Management Systems, as shown in Figure 9 below. 

Figure 9: Registrations and Management Systems

  • Click on DIS eVerification, as shown in Figure 10 below.

Figure 10: DIS: e-Verification

  • You will be directed to the Stone eVerification dashboard, as shown in Figure 11 below.

Please note: You will only see PUCs that you are linked to.  

Figure 11: Stone DIS e-Verification dashboard 

  • To filter for the PUC, you want to request verification for, filter using the provided filter icons next to each column heading, as shown in Figure 12

Figure 12: Filter Icons 

Please note: You can filter using either an FBO Code or an FBO Name.   

  • Once the intended FBO is found, tick in the provided box next to it, as shown by the arrow in Figure 13 below. 
  • Then, Click on the green icon “Edit Selected FBO(s)” as shown in Figure 13 below.  

Figure 14: Edit Selected FBO

Please note: If the FBO code is not selected and you click on the “Action Selected FBO” a warning message will appear.  

  • Once “Edit Selected FBO(s)” is selected, a pop-up window will open, as shown in Figure 14 below

Figure 15: DIS eVerification Pop-up 

  • FBO selected will show on the List of FBO Code’s grid, as shown in Figure 14 above.
  • Upload the required documentation required for verification of the selected FBO as per the provided headings
  1. Map of the PUC/s with GPS coordinates 
  1. Registration of the PUC/s and Orchards 
  1. Pheromone Trapping (Applicable to all commodities 
  1. Orchard Sanitation (Weekly) 
  1. Fruit Fly (Weekly) (Optional/Where applicable)  

Please note:

√ The maximum file size for each upload is 5MB.

√ The file type must be PDF, Excel, or jpg only.

√ Please make sure you upload each file under the correct field

  • The documents that are mandatory to upload are marked with “Required” as shown in Figure 15 below.  
  • When a file is successfully uploaded, you will see a success message, as shown in Figure 15 below.   

Figure 16: Document Upload

  • Once the upload is completed, declare the authenticity of the provided information, as shown in Figure 16 below.
  • Please note: You will not be able to request DIS verification if you have not selected “I Agree”. which indicates that the information and documentation provided are true.

Figure 17: Declaration of Authenticity 

  • After the declaration, you should see a message indicating that your changes have been saved.  
  • Click on “OK” or click on the “X” on the pop modal to return to the dashboard.  

Figure 18: Closing the Pop-Up Window
  • Once on the dashboard, to review, delete, and /or request verification, click on the dropdown to expand, as shown in Figure 18 below, next to the intended FBO 

Figure 19: PUC Expansion Icon 

  • All successfully uploaded documentation will show, as shown in Figure 19 below.   
  • To review the documents, click on the Eye” icon next to the intended document. As shown in Figure 19 below.   

Figure 20: View Documents Icon

  • To delete a document, click on the Dustbin” icon, as shown in Figure 20 below 
  • Click on Request Verification once you are happy with all the information completed. 

Figure 21: Request Verification Icon

  • You will receive a pop-up message stating that an Inspector has been notified to verify your PUC. As shown in Figure 21 below.  

Figure 22: Success Message Notice
  • To view the status of the verification request, use the provided dashboard scroll bar to move to the far right of the dashboard as shown in Figure 22 below.  

Figure 23: Dashboard Scroll Bar 

  • The verification status of each PUC will show under the heading “DIS E Verify Status” as displayed in Figure 23 below.

The Verification status are as follows: 

  • Additional Supporting Documentation Required – This will show if the submission is incomplete and more documentation is required by DIS 
  • Approved, Awaiting update by Plant Health – This will show when the verification has been approved by DIS  
  • Non-Complaint – Shows if the submission has been found to be non-compliant  
  • Pending – This is the default status and no eVerification has been requested 
  • Verification Requested – This will show after verification has been requested but the inspector has not reviewed the request yet.  

Figure 24: DIS E Verify Status

 Please note: You can use the grid to also view the name of the inspector who reviewed the Verification Request as well as the Inspector’s comments.