Peaches & Nectarines – False Codling Moth Management System (FMS)

Purpose  #

This document provides instructions on: 

  • How to utilize the Peaches and Nectarines (P & N) False Codling Moth Management System (FMS) on the PhytClean platform. 

To use this guide, the user must be registered on PhytClean. 

  • If you are not already registered as a user, then go to the PhytClean website ( and refer to the guide: Register as a New User. Follow the instructions there.  
  • If you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, click on “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions thereafter. 

Support Contact Details   #

Hortgro   #

Contact Person: Suzette Poole/Niedaa Moerat 

Telephone Number: (021) 870 2900 

Email: or  

eCert   #

Telephone Number: (031) 940 6795 

Log a ticket:  

Please Note: To log a new ticket you will be required to register before being able to log a ticket. 

Please note the following before you begin: 

  • Growers are required to do the Packhouse delivery inspection for FMS every 7 days. Packing week starts on Monday. 
  • If one FCM infested (FCM live larva) fruit is identified, then the delivery will be rejected for export to the EU. The orchards from which such a delivery is drawn will then immediately be withdrawn for exports to the EU for the remainder of the season. 
  • The EU Orchard Status is influenced by both the FMS Orchard Status and FFMS Orchard Status. 
  • These are the P & N FMS Orchard Statuses:  
  • DX. This is the general default value and means the FMS PDI has not taken place yet. Fruit will be rejected for export to the EU by PPECB with this status.
  • NP. This means Not Permitted. Fruit from this orchard will be rejected for export to the EU market. Once an orchard gets a status of NP it will remain as such for the rest of the season. 
  • NX. This indicates that the status has been reset which happens every Sunday at 23:59. All statuses except for NP are Reset to NX once a week. A reset occurs to the FMS PDI as a requirement that a PDI needs to be done for every packing week. 
  • FY. This means the fruit is “good to go” and can be passed at packhouse inspections. 
  • OH. This means “On-hold”. An FMS interception has occurred in the EU and the orchards are on-hold until further notice. 

Linking to an FBO  #

To be able to change the records of an FBO (PUC) users need to be linked to that FBO. To link yourself to the FBO you will go to:

  • FBO
  • Select Link to an organisation and it’s FBOs 
  • Type in the FBO (PUC) you are wanting to link yourself to. 
  • Then press Save

How to change the harvest date for an orchard?  #

The FMS control points can be found under the Stone Fruit 2020-2021 control point group on PhytClean. To find this go to: 

  • Home 
  • Select Stone Fruit 2020-2021 

  • Click on P & N FMS 

  • Select P & N FMS Manage Harvest Date 

  • A grid will appear that will allow you to select the specific PUC and orchards that you have permission to update. 
  • Type in the PUC and press the Get Result button.

  • Select the orchard by ticking the checkbox and then press Edit

  • A window will pop up. On the pop-up window please use the date picker that is on the RHS to change the date. 


  • Then press Submit


Capturing Packhouse Delivery Inspection Data  #

  • Select P & N FMS Packhouse Delivery Inspection 

  • Select the orchard by ticking the checkbox and then press Edit.

  • A window will pop up. Please insert the relevant details.  

Please note: Select “NO FCM FOUND” if the orchard delivery passed the inspection under Packhouse Delivery Inspection. If live FCM was found select “LIVE FCM FOUND” at Packhouse Delivery Inspection. 

  • Then press Submit.  
  • Please note: Once a record for the orchard has been submitted it will disappear from the grid. If the value was No FCM FOUND and the FMS Orchard Status is FY, it will re-appear every week after the reset on Sunday at 23:59. The status will be reset to NX. 

NB: If FCM was found and the FMS Orchard Status was NP, the orchard will NOT be reset to NX and it will not appear on the grid. 


How to withdraw an orchard?  #

An orchard may be withdrawn by the producer if they no longer believe the fruit from that orchard is suitable for the EU on account of FCM. 

  • Select P & N FMS Orchard Listing 

  • Select the orchard by ticking the checkbox and then press Edit.

  • A window will pop up. Please select WITHDRAWN by clicking on the drop-down arrow.  

  • Then press Submit.  
  • Please note: Once an orchard is withdrawn it disappears from the grid and cannot be exported to the EU for the rest of the season.  


How to check the status of orchards under the FMS?  #

To view a summary of the data you can go to: 

  • P & N FMS Orchard Status

In this section, you will be able to see your FMS status. This is will give you an indication of what FMS statuses need to be updated. 

  • Type in the PUC and click Get Results

Dynamic Report – Stone  #

The Dynamic report can be used to view the FMS status. Dynamic reports are live and reflect the current data in the database. 

Go to:  

  • Reports 
  • Select Dynamic Report  Stone 

  • Type in the PUC-orchard/s combination you want to see the FMS status for. Then click Submit
  • FMS control points are indicated under the following columns: 
  • FMS Orch GAP
  • FMS PDI 
  • FMS Assess Date 
  • FMS Orch Listing  
  • FMS EndPoint Inspect 
  • FMS Orch Status  

Please note:  

The FMS Orch Status will change to NP if one of the following takes place: 

  • FMS Orch GAP status is I Do Not Agree 
  • FMS PDI has Live FCM Found 
  • FMS Orch Listing status is Withdrawn or Alert 
  • FMS Endpoint Inspect status is Live FCM Found or On Hold