Citrus FMS Orchard Treatment Data Capture

Purpose #

This document provides instructions on: 

  • How to upload the FCM Orchard treatments directly on the PhytClean website as per the FCM Management System (FMS) for citrus. 
  • These are the FMS Orchard Treatment Statuses: 
  • UNDER MONITORING: This indicates that no FCM treatments are due. 
  • DUE: FCM Treatments are due if this status shows. Only shipping options C will be available. 
  • TREATED: FCM Treatments have been applied. This status exists for 5 weeks from treatment date. 

Capturing FMS Orchard Treatment Data  #

The FMS Orchard Treatment Data Capture control point can be found under the Citrus 2019-2020 control point group on PhytClean.  

To find this go to: 

  • HOME 
  • Select Citrus 2019-2020  

Figure 1: Citrus 2019-2020 

  • Click on Citrus FMS 

Figure 2: Citrus FMS 

  • Then select FMS Orchard Treatment Data Capture 

Figure 3: FMS Orchard Treatment Data Capture 

  • A grid will appear on your RHS, type in the FBO code then select Get Results 

Figure 4: Get Results 

  • A list of orchards under that FBO code will appear on the grid, select the orchard or orchards you would like to capture data for and select Edit 

NB: Please note that you are able to select multiple orchards provided that the product used for the treatment as well as the application date is the same. 

Figure 5: Edit 

  • A window  will appear where the following data needs to be captured: 
  • Product: This is the type of product being used to treat the orchard for FCM. A list of registered products appears in the dropdown list. Select the appropriate option. (If a registered product does not appear on the list, please contact the PhytClean team). 
  • Application Date: This is the day that the treatment was applied. Use the date picker on the RHS to select the date.  
  • Data Capture Date: This is the date when the data was captured (typically “today’s date). Use the date picker to select the date. 
  • Responsible Person at Treatment: Add the person that is overseeing the treatment requirements for FMS i.e. put the name of the person that should be contacted if DAFF is wanting to learn more about the records being captured at that time. It may be a section manager, overall manager or administrator. 
  • Then press Submit 

Figure 6: Add Orchard Treatment Data 

Please Note:  The pop-up window must not be closed and the Cancel button must not be clicked when PhytClean is saving data. Doing so will result in a potential loss of data. 

How to check the status of orchard Treatment under the FMS?  #

To check orchard treatment status please go to: 

  • FMS menu option 
  • Select FMS Toolkit 

Figure 7: FMS Toolkit 

  • Click on FMS PUC Dashboard  

Figure 8: FMS PUC Dashboard 

  • Type in your PUC next to Select The PUC then type in your orchard next to Select The Orchard and press Submit on your far RHS 

Figure 9: Submit 

  • The Treatment Status will appear in the summary section at the top of the page and all treatments logged will be displayed in the FCM Orchard Treatment grid a the bottom of the page.  

Figure 10: FCM Orchard Treatment Status