eInspect PPECB Inspection Module – Super User (Admin)

Register as a User  #

  1. https://app.ecert.co.za/Account/Register 

  Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert
  • PhytClean

Rejection Reasons  #

  • Click on PPECB Inspection Management  
  • Select Rejection Reasons  

Figure 1: Rejection Reasons

  • Click on Create New to add rejection reasons. 

Figure 2: Create New Rejection Reason

  • To view Details/Edit/Delete/Enable/Disable rejection reasons you will click on the options highlighted below.

Figure 3: Details/Edit/Enable/Disable Options

Inspection Points  #

  • Select Inspection Points 

Figure 4: Inspection Points
  • Click on Create New to add an inspection point.
  • To update/delete/disable inspection points click on the options highlighted under Actions in the grid.  
Figure 5: Create New Inspection Point

Manage Inspector #

Add Inspector  #

  • Click on Manage Inspectors  

Figure 6: Manage Inspectors

  • Select a role for an inspector from the dropdown list, enter their email address, click on Assign

Figure 7: User Management

Update Inspector  #

  • Select Group that Inspector belongs to 
  • Click on Edit button next to relevant Inspector 
  • Click on Update

Figure 8: Update

Delete Inspector  #

  • Select Group that Inspector belongs to 
  • Click on Delete button next to relevant Inspector 
  • Confirm delete when prompted