eInspect PPECB Inspection Module – Inspector (End User)

Purpose  #

This document demonstrates a step-by-step process on how an inspector can capture inspection results on the eInspect section on eCert.

Register as a User  #


  Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert 
  • PhytClean 

Manage Profile  #

  • Click on the arrow next to your email address to expand the Profile section. 
  • Click on Manage Profile 
  • Enter your Inspector No in the given textbox 
  • Click on Update Profile 
Figure 1: Manage Profile
Figure 2: Inspector Number (Stamp Number)

Packhouse Pre-Verification Report  #

  • Click on Packhouse Pre-Verification Report 
  • Use the dropdown arrow to select Inspection point Code/Name
  • View the report on the grid 
  • Export report to Excel by clicking on Export to Excel 

FIgure 3: Pre-verification Report

Capture Inspection Results   #

Select Tracking Unit Details  #

  • Click on Capture Inspection Results  

Figure 4: Capture Inspection Results
  • Populate required information eg. Inspection Point Code/Name, Commodity etc.
  • The grid displays the tracking units: 
  • 1.) that have the same properties as the entered information
  • 2.) that have passed Packhouse Pre-Verification
  • 3.) where Quality Inspection has not been done or it has been done and has Failed
  • Click checkbox/checkboxes to select required Tracking Unit details or click Select All to choose all the Tracking Unit details shown in the grid
  • Click Update Tracking Unit Status 

Figure 5: Tracking Unit Details
Figure 6: Update Tracking Unit Status

Update Tracking Unit Results  #

  • On the pop-up, select either Passed /Failed/Pending/On-Hold. 
  • Select Rejection Reason, if Tracking Unit/s Status = Failed 
  • Click Update Status 

Figure 7: Tracking Unit Results

Tracking Unit Details Row Colouring  #

  • If the Tracking Units have ‘Passed’ then the row wording would change to green to indicate a ‘Pass’ once updated. 

Figure 8: Tracking Unit Passed

  • If the Tracking Units have ‘Failed’ then the row wording would change to red to indicate a ‘Fail’ once updated. 

Figure 9: Tracking Unit Failed

  • Click on the Next 

Figure 10: Next

  • Click Submit 

Figure 11: Submit

  • Click OK 

Figure 12: Prompt

View Inspections  #

  • Click on Export to Excel to export a list of applications to excel
  • Click on Edit to modify an existing application
  • Applications can be sorted, filtered or searched for using the following controls:
  • 1.) Filter: Click on Filter or select required Inspection Point 
  • 2.) Sort: Click on a column header to sort the column
  • 3.) Search: Type in the inspection reference number  

Figure 13: Inspection Results