eInspect – Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD Inspector Guide)

Purpose  #

This document demonstrates a step-by-step process of how an inspector can review inspection applications on the eCert platform. 

The Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD) can be accessed via the URL: https://app.ecert.co.za  

Register as a User  #


  Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert 
  • PhytClean 

View Applications   #

  • Go to eInspect 
  • Select Phytosanitary Inspections (DALRRD) 
  • Click on View Applications 

Figure 1: View Inspections 

  • The dashboard shows the number of DRAFT, SUBMITTED, PASSED, FAILED, PENDING and ALL applications in a colour coded box at the top of the screen. 

Figure 2: Inspection Applications 

Description of the tools available on the View application:  

Edit Application
View Application
View PDF
  • Click on the SUBMITTED tab, to review an application 
  • select View Application icon on the left 
  • Click on Excel to export to download a list of applications
  • Applications can be sorted, filtered or searched using the following controls 
  • Filter: Click on the Filter icon for your search criteria or select Issuing Location Filter

Figure 3: Filter 

  •  Sort: Click on a column header to sort the column 
Figure 4: Sort

  •  Search: Type in the inspection reference number 

Figure 5: Search


Reviewing Inspection Application   #

Preview Inspection   #

  • Click Preview Inspection
Figure 6: Preview Inspection 

Approve Inspection   #

  • Click on Approve  

Figure 7: Approve 

  • Click Print Inspection and press OK 

Figure 8: Approved 

Reject Inspection   #

  • Click on Reject 

Figure 9: Reject 

  • Click on Select Reason(/s) to select rejection reason  
  • Enter any additional information on why the application is rejected in the textbox provided.   
  • Click  Reject

Figure 10: Rejection Reason(s)

Setting the Inspection On Hold   #

  • Click On Hold 

Figure 11: On Hold 

  • Click on Select Reason(s) for setting the inspection on hold. 
  • Enter any additional information on why the application is on hold in the textbox provided.   
  • Click On Hold

Figure 12: On Hold reason/s 

Please note:  

  • Once the inspection has been reviewed it will be locked. 

Figure 13: Locked

  • To unlock the inspection please contact the your Office Manager or Administrators