eInspect – Application for Orchard Inspection (End User)

Purpose  #

This document demonstrates a step-by-step process on how to complete an application for Orchard Inspection on the eCert platform. 

The Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD) can be accessed via the URL: https://app.ecert.co.za  

Register as a User  #


  Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert 
  • PhytClean 

Register a Business #

To be able to complete the Orchard Inspection application a business (Farm or Production Unit) has to be registered on the Central Business Register (CBR). To register on CBR you will go to:

A business must also be linked to an FBO on PhytClean. You will go to:

Figure 1: Link FBO to business (CBR)

  • On the Link FBO to a business page, you will see the FBOs registered for the season. To link the business to an FBO you will click on Edit.

Figure 2: Edit

  • On the business column businesses registered on CBR will be populated. Click on the dropdown arrow to select your business and click on Update.

Figure 3: Update

  • Once the FBO has been linked on PhytClean you can check it on CBR. On CBR you can check on the Business FBO’s section to make sure that the business is linked to FBO.

Figure 4: Business FBO’s

Applying for Orchard Inspection   #

  • Go to eIsnpect  
  • Select Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD) 
  • Click on Apply  

Figure 5: Apply 

Inspection Type  #

  •  Use the dropdown arrow to select the Inspection Category and Office  
  • Then press Next  

Figure 6: Inspection Type 


Inspection Particulars  #

  •  Use the dropdown arrow to select the Target Market, Importing Country (Final Destination), Inspection Point, Billing Party and Billing Type 
  •  Use the date picker to select the date and time for the Requested Date of Inspection

Figure 7: Inspection Particulars 

  • To add a Facility Representative contact details, click on +ADD CONTACT
Figure 8: + Add Contacts 

  • On the pop up complete the representative details 
  • Click Update 

Please Note: You can add multiple contacts.  

Figure 9: Representative Contact Details 

  • To update or remove the contact you will click on Edit or Delete option highlighted below. 
  •  Click Next  

Figure 10: Edit, Delete and Next 

Consignment Details   #

  • Use the dropdown arrow to select CBR Entity/FBO and Sector/Season
  • Click Load orchards from PhytClean

Figure 11: Consignment Details 

  1.  Data will be populated. Press OK 

Figure 12: Prompt 

Please note: The orchards that will be populated in this section are orchards that are registered and verified on PhytClean.

  1.  To update or remove an orchard use the scrollbar to scroll to the right and click Edit or Delete button. 
  1. Click Next  

Figure 13: Update, delete and Next 

Documents   #

  •  Upload the required document. Click Next

Figure 14: Documents

Complete Application   #

  • Click Submit button, otherwise click Previous and make relevant corrections. 
Figure 15: Submit 

  • Click OK 

Figure 16: Success prompt 

View Orchard Inspection Application  #

  • Click on the Draft tab to view the application

Figure 17: View inspections 

Description of the tools available on the View application page:  

Edit Application
View Application
View Application PDF

Submit Application