eInspect – Application for Fruit Inspection (End User)

Purpose  #

This document demonstrates a step-by-step process on how to complete an application for Fruit Inspection on the eCert platform. 

The Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD) can be accessed via the URL: https://app.ecert.co.za  

Register as a User  #


  Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert 
  • PhytClean

Register a Business #

To be able to complete the Fruit Inspection application a business (Farm or Production Unit) has to be registered on the Central Business Register (CBR). To register on CBR you will go to:

Applying for Fruit Inspection   #

  • Go to eInspect  
  • Select Phytosanitary Inspection (DALRRD) 
  • Click on Apply  

Figure 1: Apply

Inspection Type  #

  • Use the dropdown arrow to select the Inspection Category and Office

Please note: You will be able to select multiple commodities in the commodity field. 

  • Then press Next

Figure 2: Inspection Type

Inspection Particulars   #

  • Use the dropdown arrow to select the Target Market, Importing Country (Final Destination), Inspection Point, Billing Party and Billing Type. 
  • Use the date picker to select the date and time for the Requested Date of Inspection 

Figure 3: Inspection Particulars

  • To add a Facility Representative contact details, click on +ADD CONTACT

Figure 4: +Add contact

  • On the pop up complete the representative details  
  • Click Update 

Please Note: You can add multiple contacts.  

Figure 5: Representative Contact Details

  • To update or remove the contact you will click on Edit or Delete option highlighted below. 
  • Click Next  

Figure 6: Edit, Delete and Next

Consignment Details  #

  • Manually add consignment items 
  •  Click +ADD CONSIGNMENT ITEM to add consignment details 

Figure 7: + Add Consignment Item

  • On the pop up fill in the details for the consignment 
  • Click Update  

Please Note: To see the Packaging, Distinguish Marks and Update you will have to scroll down.  

Upload consignment using Excel File   #

  • Click on Excel File  

Please note:  You can download the Excel template provided shown in Figure 8.  

Figure 8: Upload Excel File

  • Once the data is imported a success message will pop up. Click OK.

Figure 9: Success Prompt

Populate consignment item from Tracking Unit  #

  • Click on Load Tracking Unit Data  

Figure 10: Load Tracking Data

  • Type in the eLot Key and click Load  

Figure 11: eLot Key and Load

  • Click Add To Consignment Items 
  • Click OK 

Figure 12: Prompt

Populate consignment item from ePhyto Application  #

  • Click on Load from ePhyto Application  

Figure 13: Load from ePhyto Application

  • Type in the Application reference number and click Load Consignment Items  

Figure 14: Application reference number and Load

  • Click Add To Consignment Items  
  • Click OK 

Figure 15: Prompt

  •  To update or remove a consignment item use the scrollbar to scroll to the right and click Edit or Delete button. 

Figure 16 : Edit and Delete Buttons

  • Click Next  

Documents  #

  • Upload the required document. Click Next 

Figure 17: Documents

Complete Application   #

  • Click Submit button, otherwise click Previous and make relevant corrections.  

Figure 18: Submit

  • Click OK 

Figure 19: Prompt

View Fruit Inspection Application  #

  • . Click on the Draft tab to view the application 
Figure 20: View Application

Description of the tools available on the View application page: 

Edit Application
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View Application



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View Application in PDF
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Submit Application