Getting Started (eCert)

Register As A New User #

Registration link:

Video: User Registration

Note: Please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer can cause issues when registering and completing your ePhyto.

Register A Business #

Registration Link:

Video: Central Business Register (CBR)

Business Linking (Recommended) #


Video: CBR Business Linking (Audio)

Please Note: Only businesses that have linked you to their business will be available in the drop-down menu. For each business you require in your drop-down menu, you will need to contact the admin(s) of each business. Theses admin(s) of each business in CBR will have to link you as a user in their business or link your business to theirs. Linking a business enables the drop-down to all users belonging to that business.

1.) To enable ePhyto Application users to select ‘CBR Owner Reference’ or ‘CBR Billing Reference’ on Page 4 of the ePhyto Wizard

a.) Link the Business (IE: Freight Forwarder to your business which will be responsible for ePhyto Applications) – (Security Layer 1)

b.) Add the User(s) from the Freight Forwarder responsible for ePhyto Applications under Manage Business Users – (Security Layer 2)

This provides a double layer of security.

Reason: Unauthorised Users (non-linked users) cannot select the CBR Owner Reference or CBR Billing Reference of a business they are not linked to. IE They can not run up a bill on a company they are not authorised to submit ePhyto’s for.

ePhyto Application #

  2. Login with your Username & Password
  3. Menu > e-Certification > Apply (Phyto Application)
  4. Begin the ePhyto Application process

Video: ePhyto Application Walk Through (Audio)

Step 1: Agreement – Agreement for Export #

Select the Application Type: Phytosanitary Certificate Agreement: Select the Agreement for the target destination Importing Country (Final Destination): Country Note: If your intended Commodity for Export is not listed please send a request for it to be added via the Support Platform.

Step 2: Documents – Documents to Print #

1.) The required documents that you will need to upload will differ depending on the Agreement you have selected 2.) There is a 5MB limit for all of the documents uploaded. Please ensure your documents are compressed and are in PDF (preferred) or JPG format.

Note: Please check your documents before uploading and ensure they can be opened. Applications will be rejected if the Inspector can not open the document(s).

Step 3: Flex Fields – Flex Fields per Agreement #

1.) Fill in the Flex Fields with the required information IE: Import Permit Number & Date

Step 4: Exchange Document – Consignor & Consignee Information #

Step 5: Consignment Info – Add Consignment Items #

Consignment Items can be added by clicking on ‘+ Add New Consignment Item’ Or you can do a bulk upload using the Excel Spreadsheet Template.

Step 6: Additional Information – Add Additional Information #

Step 7: Phyto Display Details – Add Phyto Display Details #

Step 8: Complete Application #

Check Your ePhyto Before Submitting #

  1. Once submitted your ePhyto Application will now be located under “Drafts”
  2. On the left side of your application, is a range of icons – view and check your ePhyto Application before clicking the “Submit” icon.


Submit Your ePhyto #

  1. Remember your “Drafts” you will find by clicking the “Draft” button at the top,
  2. Your application will move to “Submitted” and get inspected once you have clicked the green tick icon on the right.
  3. Your “Submitted” ePhyto’s are the ones the inspector will now review and approve or reject.
  4. At the top click the big “Submitted” button to see your submitted ePhyto Applications.

Note: For Maritime & Airfreight Exports there is a 48 hour time period for Inspectors to review your ePhyto Application. For Cross Border Exports it is 12 hours. Please contact DALRRD if your ePhyto Application has not been reviewed within this period.

Check Your ePhyto Status #

  1. You will be sent an email with either an Approved or Rejected status for your ePhyto (please check your junk mail as well in case it does not come through to your Inbox).
  2. View the Status Column on the ‘View Application’ page. You will see the various statuses: Draft/Approved/Rejected


Rejected Applications #

  1. You can resubmit the Rejected Application using the resubmit icon
  2. A pop-up modal with your new Application Number will be generated.
  3. Edit this Application and correct the errors as per the rejection reasons.
  4. The edited Application can be found in the Draft Status, ensure your ePhyto Application is correct before submitting again.
  5. The Inspector will review your Application and either Approve or Reject it.


View Your ePhyto Details #

  1. Click the 3rd icon on the right ‘View PDF’
  2. Download the PDF and email it to your driver or;
  3. Take a photo and Whatsapp it to them or;
  4. SMS the driver the Phytosanitary Certificate number, this is the number at the top in the middle between the barcodes: NPPO-ZA…. (Application Reference Number).  And at the bottom is the Inspectors Name. SMS this as well.


Collecting Your Printed ePhyto Certificate #

  1. The driver can now go and pay for and get the printed ePhyto (Electronic Phytosanitary Certificate) at the border. (Place of Issue) or;
  2. DAFF/DALRRD chosen office.

Please Note: Phone the Issuing Office first and ensure the system is online. You might be diverted to an alternative Issuing Office for the printing of your Government Printed Phyto Application. 


Incorrect Place Of Issue (Note) #

  1. What if I put the wrong place of issuing? You will have to copy the application, edit the fields and submit the application again.
  2. An electronic signature should be fully rolled out towards the end of April 2020 across the country. Then it does not matter, it can be printed at the border.
  3. If the inspector who approved the ePhyto is not present and the certificate has not been printed (known issue) there will be a delay in issuing your Phyto Certificate. In future with the electronic signature and stamp,  this issue will be resolved.


Important Note: Screen 7 (Phyto Display Details) #


  1. Please do not complete screen 7 it overrides the information on screen 5. However, you may complete Box 10 – 15 in screen 7 and type NONE if the consignment didn’t’ undergo any treatment.  Furthermore, the system auto-generates the botanical name, do not complete the botanical name in screen 7.
  2. Screen 7 is used for customizing applications for countries like Russia who require special characters IE: ********** in certain fields.


API Access (IT Vendors) #

Please Note: You will only need API Access if you have a Vendor System or would like to automate your requests.

1. API Access can be requested via the Central Business Register

2. Menu > API Access > Request API Access

3.) View your  API Credentials by going to Menu > View API Access Details and clicking on the search icon located on the left-hand side of the Business details.

Please Note: Ensure your API Credentials are kept safe, the onus is on the Business Administrator to ensure the correct use of these credentials