Citrus FMS Orchard Sanitation GAP Declaration

Purpose  #

This document provides instructions on: 

How growers can fulfill their obligation to confirm that orchards are being FCM sanitized (aligned with the CRI guidelines) on the PhytClean system under the rules outlined in the Citrus FCM Management System (FMS). 

Please note the following before you start: 

NB! It is a critical requirement that orchard sanitation takes place in the orchard. Orchard sanitation should have commenced with the November fruit-drop, continuing through to and after harvest, and all records must be available on the farm to demonstrate compliance. Without orchard sanitation, the grower will not be permitted to export fruit to the EU from this orchard (i.e. no shipping options under A, B or C will be available!). 

Please note that for the current season orchards must be cleared after harvest. Within 14 days after harvesting is completed, the orchard must be cleared of the current season’s fruit (both fruit on the tree and fallen fruit). 

The requirement on the PhytClean system is for growers to confirm that sanitation is taking place. 

Declarations must be made at a PUC level (not orchard level) every four weeks.  

These are the FMS Orchard Sanitation Gap Declarations:     

DUE: This is the default. Declarations should begin from 15th January and done every 4 weeks per PUC (not orchard) 

CONFIRMED: The orchard sanitation declaration has been made and applies for weeks from the date when confirmed. 

RECONFIRM REQUIRED: Once a declaration has been made, at the end of the 3rd week this status will appear as a reminder that within 7 days reconfirmation is necessary.  

OVER-DUE: The producer has failed to begin or reconfirm that orchard sanitation is taking place. 

GAP NEGLECTED: If the producer fails to make any declaration about orchard sanitation 8 weeks after it was DUE or OVER-DUE this status is obtained – this status can not be reversed once obtained

Capturing FMS Orchard Sanitation GAP Declarations   #

The FMS control points can be found under the Citrus 2020-2021 control point group on PhytClean. To find this go to: 


Select Citrus 2020-2021  

Figure 1: Citrus 2020-2021


Click on Citrus FMS 

Figure 2: Citrus FMS


Then select FMS Orchard Sanitation GAP Declaration 

Figure 3: FMS Orchard Sanitation GAP Declaration


A grid will appear that will allow you to select the specific PUC that you have permission to update. 

Type in the PUC and press Get Result button 

Figure 4: Get Results


Select the PUC by ticking the block and then press Edit 

Figure 5: Edit

A window will pop up. Please use the dropdown arrow to select Confirmed to confirm that sanitation is taking place at the farm.  

Figure 6: Select Confirmed

Then press Submit 

Figure 7: Submit

Please note:  

  • Once a record for the PUC has been submitted it will disappear from the grid and only re-appear after 21 days. The status will be reset to RECONFIRM REQUIRED. 

How to check the status of orchard sanitation under the FMS?  #

To check orchard sanitation status please go to: 

FMS tab 

Select FMS Toolkit 

Figure 8: FMS Toolkit


Click on FMS PUC Dashboard 

Figure 9: FMS PUC Dashboard


Type in your PUC next to Select The PUC and press Submit. 

Figure 10: Submit

You will see the orchard sanitation status under Orchard Sanitation GAP Declaration column.  

Figure 11: Orchard Sanitation GAP Declaration Status