Citrus FMS Orchard Election

Purpose   #

This document provides instruction on: 

How citrus growers and users on PhytClean can implement the decision to have citrus orchards treated as a ‘’C’’ orchard under the rules outlined in the Citrus FCM Management System (FMS) 

Please note the following before you begin:  

  • Warning! Once you have updated the status of an orchard to “C’’ then there is no possibility of having this reversed. It is simply too complicated to reverse the decision given the number of other factors that immediately impact the system when an orchard is categorized as a C-orchard. 
  • One of the implications of electing ‘’C’’ is that there is no possibility of shipping fruit under “A’’ or “B’’ shipping codes. 
  • Please be very careful to select the correct orchard when making these changes! It is recommended you do one orchard at a time. 
  • Once an orchard is categorized as a “C’’ orchard it is removed from the grid and you will no longer be able to view it under this Control point. 

Electing the “C” option for orchards   #

The FMS Orchard Election control point can be found under the Citrus 2019-2020 control point group on PhytClean.  

To find this go to: 

  • Home 
  • Select Citrus 2020-2021
Figure 1: Citrus 2020-2021

  • Click on Citrus FMS
Figure 2: Citrus FMS 

  • Then select FMS Orchard Election
Figure 3: FMS Orchard Election


  • A grid will appear that will allow you to select a specific PUC and orchard which you wish to update. 
  • Type in the PUC then select Get Results  
Figure 4: Get Results


  • Select the orchard by ticking the block and then press the Edit button.
Figure 5: Edit 

  • A window will pop up. Please use the dropdown arrow to select Elected C 
Figure 6: Select Elected C 

  • A warning message will pop up to confirm that you are sure that you want to make this change for the orchard. To proceed and make the change press OK otherwise select Cancel
Figure 7: Prompt 

  • Then press Submit  
Figure 8: Submit 

  • Please note: 

Once a record for the orchard has been submitted it will disappear from the grid. 

How to check the status of FMS Orchard Election  #

To check the orchard election status, click on the following: 

  • FMS menu option 
  • Select FMS Toolkit 
Figure 9: FMS Toolkit

  • Click on FMS PUC Dashboard 
Figure 10: FMS PUC Dashboard 

  • Type in your PUC next to Select the PUC and press Submit on your RHS 
Figure 11: Submit

  • You will see the Orchard Election status under the FMS Orchard Election column 
Figure 12: FMS Orchard Election Status