Citrus – First & Later PHC Delivery Inspections

Purpose  #

This document provides instructions on: 

  • How to upload First and Later Packhouse Delivery Inspections (PDI) data onto PhytClean platform as per the FCM Management System (FMS) for citrus. 

Please note the following before you begin: 

  • PPECB will not pass pallets for export to the EU if the FMS Orchard Status for those orchards is “Default C” (CX on PhytClean). The implication is that packhouses MUST update PhytClean with the packhouse delivery inspection data BEFORE pallets are presented to PPECB for inspection.   
  • The FMS Orchard Status will be set according to the data captured during First and Later PDI. 
  • Various checks across all the FMS control points are automatically done by the system to determine the FMS orchard status when the PDIs are captured.  
  • The first PDI is compulsory for all FBOs registered for the current season.  Setting the First PDI determines your Original FMS Orchard Status. 
  • The Later PDI becomes due 21 days after the First PDI is done. Data must be captured under this control point every time inspections are completed. Setting the Later PDI values determines the Current FMS orchard Status. 
  • Even if you Elected C, PDIs still needs to be captured. 
  • These are the First and Later Packhouse delivery Inspections Statuses: 
  • PENDING: First Packhouse Delivery inspection is pending. PHCs are required to load up the result of inspection within 6 hours. If within 6 hours, PPECB asks for a hardcopy of results. 
  • PENDING: Later Packhouse Delivery inspection is pending. Takes place after 4 weeks from First and subsequent Delivery Inspections.PHCs are required to load up the result of inspection within 6 hours. If within 6 hours, PPECB asks for a hardcopy of results. 
  • NOT REQUIRED: First and Later Packhouse Delivery inspection is NOT required due to failure to comply with other prerequisite control points. 
  • YYY-X: This indicates that YYY is the sample size and X is the number of Live or Dead FCM found for the first Packhouse Delivery Inspection. This result updates the Original FMS SUMMARY STATUS per orchard. 

Capturing First Packhouse Delivery Inspection Records  #

The FMS control point can be found under the Citrus 2019-2020 control point group on PhytClean. To find this go to: 

  • HOME 
  • Select Citrus 2019-2020  

Figure 1: Citrus 2019-2020 

  • Click on Citrus FMS 

Figure 2: Citrus FMS 

  • Then select First PHC Delivery Inspections  

Figure 3: First PHC delivery Inspections  

  • A grid will appear that will allow you to select the specific PUC and orchards that you are wanting to update.  
  • Type in the PUC and press the Get Result button. 

Figure 4: Get Results 

  • Select the orchard by ticking the block and then press the Edit button. 

Figure 5: Edit 

  • A pop-up window will appear where the following data needs to be updated: 
    • The number of Live or Dead FCM: Capture the total number of live or Dead FCM found in the sample (not the number of infested fruit). 
    • Sample Size: The sample size is important because it determines the FMS Orchard Status and that in turn determines the available shipping options for the fruit. Packhouse managers should have an idea of what sample size to draw based on their desired shipping options for that fruit.    
    • Assessment Date: This is the day the assessment took place. It is not possible to select an assessment date later than the current date. 
    • Data Capture Date: This is the date on which the data was captured onto the system. 
    • Responsible Person at Assessment: Capture the name of the person responsible for either conducting the inspection or supervising inspections. The idea is to identify the person that can provide feedback in an audit by DAFF. 
    • Packhouse – Location: Identify at which packhouse the inspection took place. The following entries will be acceptable: Packhouse Name, PHC code, Description of packhouse or location.

Figure 6: Updating PDI records 

  • A warning message will pop up if the sample size selected is not permitted for that fruit cultivar or PUCs in the FMS it will not accept the results. To proceed and make the change press OK otherwise select Cancel

Figure 7: Prompt 

  • Then press Submit 

Note: Once a record for the orchard has been submitted it will disappear from the grid. 

Figure 8: Submit 

Capturing Later Packhouse delivery Inspections Records   #

Please note: Later PDI becomes due after 21 days. Orchards will appear on the Later PDI control point after 21 days on PhytClean.  

  • Select Later PHC Delivery Inspections 

Figure 9: Later PHC delivery Inspections 

  • Select the orchard (s) you will be updating and press Edit

Figure 10: Edit 

  • A window will pop up. Please insert the relevant details then press Submit. A warning message will appear when you press Submit to notify users that the system will do a cross-check on all the control points and ensure compliance.  

Note: Once a record for the orchard has been submitted it will disappear from the grid. 

Figure 11: Later PDI records 

  1. How to check the status of the orchard for First and Later PDI under the FMS? 

To check orchard First and Later PDI records you can go to: 

  • FMS tab 
  • Select FMS Toolkit 

Figure 12: FMS Toolkit 

  • Click on FMS PUC Dashboard  

Figure 13: FMS PUC Dashboard 

  • Type in your PUC next to Select The PUC then type in your orchard next to Select The Orchard and press submit on your far RHS 
  • First and Later PDI control points are indicated under the following columns on the FMS PUC Dashboard: 
  • First PDI  
  • Later PDI