Citrus False Codling Moth Management System (FMS) User Guide

Purpose #

This document provides instructions on:

  • How to utilize the Citrus False Codling Moth Risk Management System (FMS) on the PhytClean platform.

Pre-requisite #

In order to use this guide, the user must be registered on Phytclean.

  • If you are not already registered as a user, then go to the PhytClean website ( and refer to the guide: Register as a new User on PhytClean v 1.0 on the Help Section. Follow the instructions there.
  • If you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, click on “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions that follow.

Linking to an FBO #

In order to be able to change the records of an FBO (PUC) users need to be linked to that FBO. To link yourself to the FBO you will go to:

  • FBO
  • Select Link to an organisation and it’s FBOs
  • Type in the FBO you want to link yourself to
  • Then press Save
Figure 1: Link to FBO and organisation

Capture Number of Data Sets #

Please note the following before you begin:

  • This step of the process is mandatory and will need to be done before the orchards become available under the other FMS control points.
  • Do not use estimated values as the system will lock you out if the incorrect value submitted exceeds 3 tries. You will then have to contact DALRRD for assistance.
  • The value added must be a whole number for example 1, 3, 5  and must not contain decimals or special characters for example 1.1 or 1,1.
  • Refer to Appendix 1 of the Citrus FMS 2020/2021  (Revised 26 October 202) Guideline on how to calculate the number of Data Sets.
  • Failure to capture the correct number of datasets will result in the inability to export to the EU.

The Capture Number of Data Sets control point can be found under the Citrus 2020-2021 control point on PhytClean. To find this please navigate to:

  • Home
  • Select Citrus 2020-2021
Figure 2: Citrus 2020-2021

  • Select Citrus FMS
Figure 3:Citrus FMS

  • Select Capture Number of Data Sets
Figure 4: Capture Number of Data Trees

  • Type in PUC and click on Get Results
Figure 5: Get Results

  • Select the orchard by ticking the block and then press the Edit button


Figure 6:Edit Button

  • A window will pop up. On the pop up window please use the number selector that is on the RHS to change the number.
Figure 7: Select Number  of Data Sets

  • Then Press Submit

Please Note:

  • The below error will appear if the incorrect number of data sets are captured on the system.
Figure 8: Warning Prompt
  • After 3 incorrect attempts the system will prompt you to contact DALRRD
Figure 9: DALRRD warning prompt

DALRRD Contact Details: #

Sikhwari Tshivhidzo

Tel: 012 319 6294



Patrick Magadani
Telephone Number: (012) 319 6235

How to change the harvest date for an orchard #

The FMS control point can be found under the Citrus 2020-2021 menu on PhytClean. To find this please navigate to:

Figure 10: Citrus 2020-2021

  • Click on Citrus FMS
Figure 11: Citrus FMS

  • Select Fruit FMS Manage Harvest Date
Manage Harvest Date control point

  • A grid will appear which allows you to see PUCs and orchards that you have permission to update.
  • Type in the PUC and press the Get Results button
Figure 12: Get Results button

  • Select the required orchard/s by ticking the block and then press the Edit button
Figure 13: Edit button
Figure 14: Date picker

  • Then press Submit
Figure 15: Submit

FMS Fruit Infestation Monitoring Data Capture #

This section provides instructions on how to upload fruit infestation monitoring data.

Please note the following before you begin:

  • Citrus FMS applies to all Citrus fruits except for lemons and Key limes.
  • Please note that Bearss (Persian, Tahiti) limes are not exempt from the FMS requirement.
  • Make sure you capture the total number of infested fruit per orchard onto PhytClean, not the total number of the FCM themselves. See the FMS document and guidelines for this.
  • DO NOT capture the average number of infested fruit per orchard as PhytClean will do this calculation based on the appropriate number of data sets and the interval between the dates when the fruit was assessed. It is the total number of infested fruit per orchard that is required.
  • To view the key dates for when to begin the FMS infestation monitoring please consult the FMS PUC Dashboard. Refer to How to check Data sets for an orchard and key dates for a detailed description on how to view dates.
  • The below are the Fruit Infestation Monitoring Data Capture Orchard Statuses:
  • NOT STARTED: Default at the start of the season. No records have been captured on PhytClean.
  • DUE: 16 weeks before harvest monitoring should start as suggested under the FMS, the status changes to DUE, unless monitoring has already begun.
  • COMPLIANT:  FCM Infestation Monitoring was initiated at least 12 weeks before harvest and the quality of data is enough.
  • LATE START: Monitoring begun too late (for example less than 12 weeks before harvest. Potentially can be corrected if the harvest date is adjusted.
  • INTERVAL ISSUE: The interval between assessment dates is greater than 10 days in at least one case.
  • NOT REQUIRED: Not required as “CONFIRMED C” has been selected.
  • INSUFFICIENT DATA: Over the monitoring period there is not enough data points to be confident that monitoring has taken place effectively. Currently, PhytClean flags records outside 12 weeks before harvest as insufficient data-which will be looked at.
  • Select FMS Fruit Infestation Monitoring Data Capture
Figure 16: Fruit Infestation Monitoring Data Capture

  • A grid will appear on your RHS, type in the PUC then select Get Results.
Figure 17: Get Results

  • A list of orchards under that PUC will appear on the grid,select the orchard/s you would like to capture data for and select Edit

Please Note:

  • A user is able to select multiple orchards as long as the number of the infestation is the same and also the assessment date is the same.
Figure 18: Edit Button

  • A pop up window will appear which prompts for the following data to be to captured:
  • Number of Infested Fruit: This is the total number of infested fruit found under the data trees irrespective of the number of data sets.
  • Assessment Date: This is the day that the assessment was conducted. Assessment dates should ideally be a week apart and occur on the same day of the week if possible. Use the date picker to select the date.
  • Data Capture Date: This is the date indicating when the data was captured (typically “today’s date). Use the date picker to select the date.
  • Responsible Person as Assessment: Add the person that is overseeing the fruit infestation data process here. Put differently, put the name of the person that should be contacted if DALRRD is wanting to learn more about the records being captured at that time. It may be a section manager, overall manager or administrator.
Figure 19: Add Fruit Infestation Data

  • Then press Submit

Please Note the following important points:

  • Fruit Infestation: 12 – 4 weeks prior to harvest:  It will now be compulsory to apply a treatment if ANY infested fruit is detected in the 12 to 4 weeks prior to harvest. The orchard will now be above threshold if any infestation is captured during the monitoring period and a corrective treatment will have to be applied within in 14 days after the threshold has been surpassed. If a corrective treatment is not applied within 14 days or the orchard is not covered by a previous treatment period then the FMS Orchard Status will be set to CC once at PDI is done.
  • Fruit Infestation: 4 weeks prior to harvest: If ANY infested fruit are detected in the last 4 weeks before harvest the FMS Orchard Status will automatically become a CC.

How to check the Fruit Infestation monitoring status under the FMS #

To check the fruit infestation data captured please go to:

  • FMS menu option
  • Select FMS Toolkit
Figure 20: FMS Toolkit

  • Click on  FMS PUC Dashboard
Figure 21: FMS PUC Dashboard

  • Type in your PUC next to Select The PUC bar then type in your Orchard next to Select The Orchard and press Submit on your far RHS
Figure 22: Submit

  • The 12W Monitoring Status will appear in the summary section at the top of the page and all fruit infestation data captured will be displayed in the FRUIT INFESTATATION DATA grid.
Figure 23: 12W Monitoring Status

Please Note: Your PUC/s and orchard/s will only appear in the FMS Toolkit if it has been registered and if the Number of Data Sets have been captured correctly.

Appendix 1 #

How to check Data sets for an orchard and key dates

To check data sets for an orchard you will go to:

  • FMS
  • Select FMS Toolkit
  • Click on FMS PUC Dashboard
  • Click on the dropdown arrow where it says SELECT THE DASHBOARD VIEW and select KEY DATES
  • Type in the PUC you want to check data sets for next to SELECT THE PUC
  • Then press SUBMIT
  • Refer to column 5 for the Number of Data Sets per Orchard as shown in the figure below.