Approval or Rejection of an Application for a Phytosanitary Certificate (DALRRD)

Purpose  #

This section provides a step-by-step process on how an inspector can approve, reject, withdraw and print applications for phytosanitary certificates. 

The eCert application can be accessed via the URL:  

Register as a user  #

Note: If you have already registered on the following platforms then there is no need to register again: 

  • eCert 
  • PhytClean

View Applications #

Click on View Applications  

Figure 1: View Applications

The dashboard shows the number of DRAFT, SUBMITTED, APPROVED, REJECTED, WITHDRAWN and ALL applications in a colour coded box at the top of the screen. 

Figure 2: Applications Status

Applications can be sorted., filtered or searched using the following tools:  

Search: By Issuing Location/Age/Application Reference No.  

Figure 3: Search

Sort: Click on a column header to sort the column  

Filter: Click on Filter based on your search criteria  

Figure 4: Filter

Refresh: Click on the refresh button to get an update of applications completed.  

Click on the Submitted tab, to review an application select the View Application icon on the left.  

Figure 5: View Application

Description of the tools available on the View application page: 

View Application in PDF
Collect Certificate
Release Phyto

Scroll to the bottom of the view application page to select Preview Phyto, Approve or Reject

Figure 6: Phytosanitary Certificate

Reviewing Phyto   #

Previewing an Application   #

Click on Preview Phyto 

Figure 7: Preview of Phyto Application in PDF

Approving an Application   #

Click on Approve 

FIgure 8: Approve Phyto Application

Tick the boxes that have the required declarations in the panel that pop-up 

Click Approve  

Figure 9: Approve

         Please Note: 

  • To select ALL the declarations, click on the tickbox at the top left corner (see the highlighted box in Figure 9) 
  • To filter the list of declarations, enter a Code, Name or Description and press Enter or click the Filter button to perform the filter (refer to Figure 10). As you start typing the search box provided will automatically autocomplete to show you the values available. 
  • To cancel the filter, click cancel

Figure 10: Filter

A pop-up message will appear to notify you that the application has been approved. Press OK or Print Certificate  

Figure 11: Approved Confirmation

Rejecting an Application   #

Click Reject 

Figure 12: Reject Application

Click on the dropdown arrow to select rejection reason  

Enter any additional information on why the application was rejected in the textbox provided.  

Click Reject 

Figure 13: Confirm Rejection Window

A pop-up screen appears to confirm that the application has been rejected. Click OK  

Figure 14: Rejection Confirmation

The application gets watermarked as REJECTED 

Figure 15: Rejected Application

Withdrawing an Application   #

Select the Phyto application rejected or Approved and click on Withdraw  

Figure 16: Withdraw

Enter information on why the application is withdrawn in the textbox provided. Click Withdrawn  

Figure 17: Withdraw Phyto

A pop-up screen appears to confirm that the application has been withdrawn. Click OK  

Figure 18: Withdrawn Confirmation

The application gets watermarked as WITHDRAWN 

FIgure 19: Withdrawn Application

Printing and Application   #

Click Print New Format  

Figure 20: Print New Format

Select Yes to print new format  

Figure 21: Print New Format Confirmation

Please note: 

  • You will follow the same process as the above to Print Additional Info and Marked as Printed